ASHOLPAN, eagle hunter
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Asholpan's golden eagle
Fourteen year-old ASHOLPAN lives in the far west of Mongolia at the foot of a mountain. She is the daughter of a seventh generation eagle hunter. Her father wants her to continue the family tradition. He showed her how to capture, a baby eagle and train it to hunt fox, hare, marmots and even wolves.

Because school is far away, Asholpan lives at the school in town during the week. Her eagle seems to miss her.

EAGLE HUNTERS do not hunt eagles. They use eagles to hunt small animals. There are only several hundred eagle hunters. They live in Mongolia and neighboring Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan there is woman eagle hunter, Makpal Abdrazakova. She is also a lawyer.
EAGLE FESTIVAL - two eagle festivals are held in western Mongolia every fall. Eagle hunters compete to show their skill and the speed and accuracy of their eagles. Other events include a camel race, a tug of war on horseback over a goat carcass, and picking up very small objects from horseback. Traditional Kazakh food and crafts are sold.
Asholpan's story is told in the documentary film The Eagle Huntress released in 2016.