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CAN YOU THINK OF ANY WOMEN PICTURED ON MONEY? In Japan two women are. Lady Murasaki who lived a thousand years ago wrote "The Tale of Genji." It is often thought of as the world's first novel. Many years later Ichiyo Higuchi (1872-1896) wrote about ordinary people.

The U.S. is planning to put Harriet Tubman, a former slave, on the $20 bill.
A scene from Genji
Lady Murasaki is in lower right.
Ichiyo Higuchi
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The Girl and the Eagle - the story of 14 year-old ASHOLPAN, Mongolian eagle hunter, has been made into a movie --

104 year-old painter TOKO SHINODA is "always learning....always dreaming."
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Sculpture ISAMU NOGUCHI (1904-1988) said "when an artist stops being a child, he stops being an artist." What do you think?